Personal Story Of A Gun-Personal Narrative

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I woke up in the morning and I took my dog on a walk and I saw a moving van so I had went over there to see what was going on. On the way there there was a family of two there was a Mom,and girl named Sam the family seem very nice I didn't know about the Sam she seem very odd so I did not know what to think about her. The next day I got up and went to school in the middle of the day the girl next door was there and she was off she was rude and we did not like each other she had black pants and Black short and purple hair she look so mean anyways I from the first day I seen here I now that I will not like her. The next day me and my mom had ate and my mom said so nicely. “ “Kim you should try to be friends with Sam she did not do anything…show more content…
For the last week I was like dang I know what to do kill her that would be the best thing to do I took her to her back yard and I held a gun to her head and told her to dig her grave she dug it and I shoot her and she fell in the hole I whip the gun so my fingerprint was not on there and put in her hand and I went back home and what for her mom to come home. When her mom came home her mom had went to the back yard to water the flowers and see her daughter in a hole dead. She was laying on the ground crying she ran to our house and ask us did u know what happened to my daughter I said “”no”” “The mother of Sam had said in a very sad vose.” “”my daughter is dead”” Me and my mom started to cry with her but I was the whom that was acting that I was crying my mom call the poles they came and they came and that was the most craziest thing I ever did. That was so fake of m. My mom asked me in a very serious face “ “Do you know anything about this”” “ “I seed I did not know nothing about this I have not seen here today I drones I have did nothing”” I did not know nothing about all the friends and kids in our grad was going to have a letter test. When we got to the poles season I was the last person win they did me I fell and I had to go to court. I was
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