Personal Variables And Communication Behaviors

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Identify one instance in the video where there was a misperception. Perception is the process of making meaning from people. Misperception would be to perceive someone incorrectly. Floyd (2011) One instance from the video where I believe there was misperception, was when Kathy perceives Alberto to be a man who does not like to communicate with females. Laureate Education (2014) Kathy didn 't get a chance to speak, so I am not sure about Alberto 's perception of her interpersonal commucation. Kathy 's perception of Alberto 's interpersonal communication is that he isn 't a very good communicator. He interrupts her and doesn 't listen to her. He doesn 't like communcating with females and his perception of her is that she is just an employee and perceives her as beneath him. He doesn 't think too highly of her as a female. Laureate Education (2014) Describe the personal variables that contribute to the interpersonal communication behaviors you saw in this situation. Personal variables do contribute to interpersonal communiation behaviors. I believe the personal variables I say in this situation were age, culture, and gender. These personal variables did impact the situation. I didn 't see Alberto, but I do think there is an age gap, which causes condescending behavor. I think Alberto was condescending to Kathy. Again, I didn 't see Alberto, but by his name I think he could be Spanish. Kathy was Caucasion and had an accent. So, I think there could be a
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