Personality Description Of The Myers Briggs Test

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For the Myers-Briggs Test, there are limited of words for describing personality. I believe there should be more words for personality description because people are different. Anyways, some of the descriptions are accurate to my self-description personality paper. However, some are less like my personality. The personality that most accurate with my self-description is introvert. There is no surprise that introvert has the highest percentage in this personality test. In the first assignment, I described myself as shy, secretive, and quiet, which all of them fit into the introvert category. In addition, I prefer to be by myself rather than at a place where there are many people and noises. As mention in my previous assignments that I tend …show more content…

I picked tolerance as one of my personality traits because I believe that because of my high tolerance level lead me to harmony, but I could be wrong. I expect the percentage for Feeling would be higher because it represents me more than Judging. I was quite shock when I saw the percentage on Judging because I expected that Feeling would have a higher percentage than Judging. In addition, the definition for Judging does not fit my self-description compare to Perceiving. When I look for the definitions for each characteristic, I find that Judging is less like my self-description because people who are judging maintain strict work schedules. This is nothing like me at all. I am flexible on my work schedules. However, I do agree that I am less flexible when I work because I am committing to that one job and it is hard for me to move to different job.
4. Review Articles Before reading David J. Pittenger’s article, I feel that the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test is limited for describing personality. As Pittenger had stated in the article that the “…MBTI attempts to force the complexities of human personality into an artificial and limiting classification scheme” (Pittenger 1993). In fact, I agree with Pittenger that the MBTI tries to categorize people with different personality in a tight space, with only 16 types of personalities. From what I know, my friend and I have a different personality,

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