Personification Of Evil In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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When the modern eras media outputs are bombarded with morbid images of the world's current state on television, the mass shootings, nuclear war threats, and numerous amounts of injustices,society cannot help but think evil is ubiquitous. People in society often forget evil is not a mystical being but rather a factor that is located in each and every human. In the novel, “Lord of the Flies”,written in 1954, it tells a story about young english schoolboys who face the challenge of being stranded on an abandoned island. Dealing with dark underlying themes of human evil, violence, and the loss of innocence that has resonated with people from all across the world, this novel is a well renowned literary work. The grim ending of the novel calls upon its readers to understand the recurring theme of the inert evil that lies within all humanity when societal rules are forgotten. William Golding uses the three primary characters to symbolize certain aspects of human nature through Ralph, Jack, and piggy's experiences in “Lord of the Flies.” In William Golding's novel Ralph represents leadership and the personification of human ego. When they novel first begins all the children pick Ralph as the leader because he is naturally charismatic and likable to the rest of the group. Accordingly, this is where the group of schoolboys establish just rules to maintain harmony throughout the island. Under those circumstances, Ralph shows a natural ability to become a leader shown in the quote, ”If
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