Persuasive Essay About Bad Driving

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My best friend will likely be the death of me, but I still love her. I have known her for three years and would trust her with anything, or so I thought. Everything changed the moment she got her license. Suddenly the need for coffee was completely eliminated, and all I had to do was ride to school with her. Through many close encounters and two accidents so far, I have learned the definition of a terrible driver. Every ride with her is an adventure involving skipped stop signs, speeding, and near collisions. She is the reason why many adults believe that teenagers should not their license because of poor driving. The first thing I do when I get inside her car is buckle my seatbelt and prepare myself for the journey ahead. The entire time she is behind the wheel, I am on the edge of my seat checking her speedometer and watching for children and other cars. Subconsciously, my hands curl around the seat belt and tightly grip it when I notice a sharp turn or speed bump ahead. I do my best to not make a sound, but I sometimes catch myself mentioning the turning car ahead. My friend snaps at me and assures me that she knows what she is doing, but I am not convinced. Only when the car is in park and my shoes touch solid ground, am I able to breathe normally.
When you are taught to drive, the instructor emphasizes the importance of being aware of your surroundings and reacting to them. In spite of this being the essence of driving, my friend is oblivious to everything around

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