Persuasive Essay About Flying Cars

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“In what year will flying cars be made?” The typical American view for the future generally includes flying cars, robots, Smart Homes, time traveling, etc… Although these ideas seem very achievable, most are not possible without improving the basic structures of our nation that allows us to reach these goals. When making these generalizations, the factors that impair the vision of economic advancement are often forgotten. The ideal approach to national advancement would come from issues within U.S. boundaries. One of the major problems is derived from the world’s most prized possession, money. From this possession comes national debt. When put in this position, there is more owed than to what can be afforded. The only solution to this problem is to make changes to the national budget. By decreasing tax evasion, limiting government funded resources, and revoking certain privileges from those who choose to avoid carrying out duties or responsibilities as a U.S. citizen, the nation is Positively affected and able to flourish as…show more content…
The assurance of justice and equality is a problem that will continue to arise in today’s world. Domestic tranquility allows the nation to be productive without wasting time on or worrying about unnecessary problems created between U.S. boundaries. To make sure police brutality ends, there needs to be an increase in the severity of punishments. Limits should also be placed on law enforcement power in order to reduce unreasonable harming of U.S. Citizens.

Although war hasn't been present in the United States like how it was back then, we should still make peace and come to agreements with other foreign nations. Establishing advantageous relationships with multiple dominant countries allows the government to cut spending on military forces and avoid unnecessary causes for war. These strong relationships also limit foreign threats and create opportunities for
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