Persuasive Essay About Makeup

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Holidays such as Halloween seem to allow deviant acts to be committed with no consequences. However, I committed a deviant act that would have been okay for Halloween but not two weeks before Halloween. I did my makeup like a deer. Nothing extreme, yet bold enough to get a few stares and people to notice. This change in makeup although subtle seemed to make a great change in how people looked at me and treated me. Makeup seems normal and like it’s overall been accepted as a society, however, the current makeup trends call for “on fleek” or “no makeup looks,” not quite for random animals. Within the United States, beauty is a high standard. That is why many choose to wear makeup to enhance their beauty not makeup to make themselves appear …show more content…

The perception people have of OfficeMax as an expensive school supply store is inaccurate. If prices were actually compared to other stores they would be much lower and if they weren’t the store would price match them. This perception might more have to do with how the majority of clients that are within the facility work in office jobs. This is a logical explanation since most come to buy large quantities of office supplies or get 100’s of copies done. This perception of the store being a high maintenance store with nice clientele is why it was a great choice to break some norms. I began by working the floor. I would greet customers and ask if they needed any help finding anything. I mostly got stares back and a simple no. Most people did not want my help, which is quite odd since on a Friday night we are usually pretty packed and I'm flooded with questions. After a while of waiting for a lady finally taps my shoulder in need of assistance. I turn to her and ask what she needs help with. I turn to see a startled face that wasn’t expecting a girl pretending to be a deer. She suddenly becomes uncomfortable and comments on how she wasn’t expecting that. She then asks me if it’s something all the employees are doing. I explain that it’s not and that I chose to do this. Which leaves her confused. She then says that she has forgotten what she needed and leaves the store. This shows how once conformity is lost people seek another form of dealing with this

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