Persuasive Essay About My Family

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I like to believe that the best way of knowing someone is to know what makes them the person they are. Many experiences come to my mind when I think about my life. One thing that will always be with me no matter where is my family. When i think about this there is no better way of showcasing this then with the death of my great grandfather.

On August 16,2017 at approximately 9:30 I was told that I was being signed out of school by my father. While I walked toward the office many things where going through my head. I thought to myself “why would my dad pick me up, something has to be wrong.” When I saw my father's face I knew in my heart that something very bad had happened. After I had gotten to the car my father told me “your great grandfather passed away this morning.” When I was told this I didn't know what to say or what to think. I had many questions as to what happened, where he was and what was going to happen.

When we arrived to my great grandparents home I saw the cars packed to the road with different cars of my family members. When I stepped out of the car the mood was somber but loving. My aunt Kay-Lynn was the first to break the silence and inform my father, my brother and I that my great grandfather was “inside the house.” At first I knew I wanted to stay outside and avoid going in the house as much as I could, so I stayed outside. As I stand there staring out onto my great grandparents front yard I couldn’t help but think about how amazing it was that

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