Persuasive Essay About Road Trip

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You need to go over the river and through the woods because your bound for grandmothers house, but you are going to be stuck in the car for 2 days with 2 annoying brothers. Road trips are the foundations to having a good vacation. A road trip could easily be the death of you but there are ways to make lifelong memories from road trips. Packing for a road trip is essential to not freakout with 4 hours left to go. One thing that you need for packing is a backpack. The backpack is the perfect thing to pack what you need in, you can easily fit it between seats and it has plenty of storge. You also need to know how you're packing your packing. You should pack what you are going to need near the top of the backpack and what you don't need near the bottom. Packing is the first thing you should think about.…show more content…
Cushing is very important when thinking about the perfect seat. You need a pillow and a blanket at your seat so you can stay warm and not get neck pains. Also you need to adjust your seat before you go so you can lean back and get plenty of legroom. Finally you need to adjust the air conditioning so you're not freezing but you're not overheating. Without the perfect seat you will have a bad road trip experience. To make sure your road trip doesn't last forever you need plenty of snacks. You need to keep snacks in your backpack so you have snacks at your dispense. Also stopping at places along the way is super expensive and you want to spend your money at your destination. Plus you can easily get the food right out of your backpacking so you're never hungry. And you can pick what you want before hand so if you do stop somewhere you have to pick what is there. And if you want to know you are more likely to die from a vending machine then from a shark. Don't risk death bring snacks from
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