Persuasive Essay About Summer School

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Some schools have their year set up for almost an all year round type of deal, but there are some schools that have that big summer vacation. The difference between the two is the all year round you still get a summer vacation but only a month because through the school year you get breaks all the time and they are long. Whether the traditional one you have a long summer vacation because you do not get a lot of breaks during the school year, you get breaks but not for very long. I do not care as much as others because no matter what you are getting almost the same amount of days off just during different times and I actually like the fact that you get long breaks during the school year and then get a month off and that it honestly not as bad…show more content…
If they had the balanced my doing summer school would take up my whole summer vacation, whether with the traditional one I have a month and something weeks of summer vacation, I will not be completely filled with school literally all year round. I mean it is a good thing because then I will actually do better in school, but I just do not like how short the summer is. I like the fact that it will make the school year go by fast because we will not get piled on with work constantly we actually get breaks between it all. The traditional school year I do not like how many days we go straight through the school year, because then we do not really have time to do fun things with our family during certain seasons we are in school. I get why they would want to go back to the balanced calendar because not many teenagers and children are working on the farms, but there are some teenagers out there that are trying to get jobs during the summer to actually grow up and show that they are
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