Should Kids Have A Summer Break?

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Bailey Kuhnert
Mrs. Misselhorn
5th Hour Language Arts
24 March, 2017 Should Kids Have a Summer Break?
Can you imagine going to an all year round –school? It must be horrible. You would have to go to school all year with short breaks in-between quarters. You couldn’t go on vacation, you couldn’t do activities, and summer is for family memories and its tradition. So why would we change tradition to go to school all year. Here are reasons why we shouldn’t apply to an all year round –schools.
The first reason why kids should have summer beak is because the scheduling of activities would be difficult. According to Matt Tait, it is hard for schools share gyms with other sports. As well as, it will be hard to get gyms and make team meetings
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Most of the teachers also want to get summer jobs for more money. Teachers also just want to get away from the students (and it’s the other way around too). Also, mothers that are teachers cannot spend time with their kids in school because they will be teaching (Nair), you couldn’t go on vacations. This is another example why having all year round –school is not the best idea.
The third reason why we shouldn’t have all year round –schools is because, its tradition to have 180 day’s strait with 3 months of breaks and it gives us more important things to do in the summer. According to Julia Sines, to have a 3-month summer and do more fun activities to do all summer is better than going to school year round. Kids want to go on vacations with their parents. Some athletic kids won’t be able to play travel sports. Scientist say that year round school kids drop out by their senior year (Sines). Most juniors and seniors work in the summer for money for colleges and to save up, but they won’t be able to get money. It’s more American to have 180 straight days with 3-month break. Billee Bussard stated, “It is an idea that has been tried and failed for more than 100 years,” (Sines). So talking to that quote, why would we start now. Kids love going outside and swimming and playing games and making money, but because the kids go to year round schools they only have 3 weeks to do these fun
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