Persuasive Essay Citizenship

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I am a citizen of the United States not by birth but by choice. Although I came to this country at age 3, joining my parents who arrived as political refugees from Cuba, I was here as a permanent resident on a green card. I became eligible to apply for citizenship at the age of 18 in 1974, another difficult time in this country’s history. Military involvement in Vietnam was winding down, but we weren’t totally out of that country yet. The Watergate scandal was in full swing, and impeachment proceedings against President Nixon had begun. I was all too aware of this country’s shortcomings and that our leaders did not always act in ways that were admirable. So my decision to apply for citizenship was not taken lightly. Yet, I had also experienced this country at its best. My family’s life in Miami had its difficulties, but through hard work and sacrifice, my parents rebuilt a life that afforded my brother and me countless opportunities, including federal and state aid along with scholarships for college. Here, we also had the right to freely protest governmental decisions we disagreed with, and by the time I entered the University of Miami, I had joined in marches and sit-ins supporting change I believed in. Ana Mari Cauce is president of the University of Washington. When I raised my hand and took the oath swearing to “support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States,” I did so with pride. That is why I am compelled to speak out now, in opposition to white
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