Persuasive Essay Dying Without Purpose

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How often do you think about death and what your life will become once you reach the end? How often do you read or see something and think “This doesn’t apply to me.” and so you move on? Because everyone will one day die, therefore this does apply to you. Don’t you want your life to mean something? As you look back on your life at the end of it, if you’re given the chance, wouldn’t you want to think that it mattered or that it meant something? In this way, the following statement and stories couldn’t apply more to you: dying without purpose is immoral. In our lives, why would we bother going on if we’re not going to have a reason to trek on and live? In this, you can see that dying with a purpose, is everything.

In the stories of “The Lottery” and “Harrison Bergeron”, written by Shirley Jackson and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. respectively, these fictional, dark worlds have rules in place to maintain peace and order, but not just any rules. In the Lottery, every June 27th a lottery is taken. It takes roughly two hours in this small town and begins with the head of households in the families drawing pieces of paper out of a box hoping they don’t draw the one with the black mark. Then once an unlucky family is chosen, each individual family member draws. The “winner” of the lottery is then stoned and killed. This is enforced by all the people in the town; old, young, town leaders or even a family member. While in Harrison Bergeron, equality, to new heights, has become the social norm.

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