Persuasive Essay : Free Tuition

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Dorri Raquib
Persuasive Essay rough draft Free Tuition College is a very rewarding life choice for many people in the United States. It allows young adults to transition into adulthood with essential skills and knowledge to prosper in the work force. Giving the equal opportunity of secondary education to all Americans would be the most ideal situation. There would be an obvious increase of people educated adequately to make informed political, economical, and social decisions in our country. However, making college tuition completely free of cost is not a feasible strategy. Reasons that this plan is flawed is : Large increase of interest in students in applying to colleges, the value of a college degree would decrease, …show more content…

Trade Schools also explains that due to a much larger population the schools will have more cutbacks and decreased access to some programs (Trade Schools 2017). As said by the author of the Trade Schools article, if free tuition came into effect, schools would have to make cuts in programs and classes. There would be such a massive increase in the number of students attending a college because free college is appealing. Due to the increasing numbers, schools would have to hire more professors and more staff in general the match the population of students. Since the college would be forced to hire more staff, the college administration would be more inclined to hire less qualified instructors to do the job for less pay. Some might say that students won 't have an increased motivation to apply to a college with free tuition because scholarships allow for the same opportunity now. Since students that attend college with easily attainable scholarships, the majority of those students aren 't expecting to pay tuition anyways. Basically saying that scholarships have the same effect on student 's motivation to apply to college as free tuition. Even though scholarships do create lots of opportunities for many of those who cannot pay thousands of dollars for tuition, at the same time, scholarships are limited. Not everyone is selected for every scholarship. Students will find it easier to apply to a school that they do not have to pay for rather than applying

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