Persuasive Essay: Is It Better To Number Grades?

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Have you ever been stressed out over an A because it was the best grade? Would changing the letter grades to number grades make it easier? 58% of the people on agree. This essay will highlight just some of the reasons why number grades are easier to understand, and how letter grades can be unfair.

To begin with, number grades are superior over letter grades because they are exact, clear understandable, and easier to keep track of. Specifically, some schools’ standards may be different. A 90 may be an A in some schools, but an 85 could be an A in others. says, “If all the schools use letters to grade students, it's hard to compare students' academic performance among different schools.” This corroborates my claim that standards are different for every school, therefore letter grades should be abolished. Furthermore, number grades show exactly where the student needs to improve. Perhaps a report card may say all A’s, but the student may …show more content…

For instance, a child may get all A’s on homework assignments; however, when a test comes and that student does poorly, it will drop their final grade from an A to a D. says, “You could be really good at your homework and have a A in that class. And then when a test comes up, you get a D. And it brings your grade down to a C or D. That isn't right.” This quote serves my claim that letter grading is unfair. Additionally, letter grades can be many different number grades. An F could mean a 50% or a 25%. Perhaps a student receives an A on a test; however, an A can vary anywhere from an 85-100. states, “…trying their hardest that's what should count and F's shouldn’t have a percentage for example 33.43 percent is an F but so is 55.73 percent that's still an F. That right there shows improvement by a percentage…” This quote proves that letter grades vary between many number grades making the system confusing for students and

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