Persuasive Essay On A Car

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One car passes, then another. “See? No big deal.” I say. Trying to relieve myself. Another passed. But right as I begin to calm completely, I see a car, going at least 10 miles over the speed limit. I begin to get a bit worried, but I keep driving. “I-Is the car…” I squint to see that the car is “Swerving!?” I blurt out with a sudden gasp. “I need to slow down. I need to stop this car. I really need to stop this car.” I tell myself. But my foot will not listen to my order. “The car, it’s… it’s heading straight towards me.” I say in a peculiarly calm voice. There is still about 400 yards between us. The car is beginning to slip into my lane, like syrup does off a pancake. Slowly, but yet surely. My foot finally obeys my command, but presses onto the gas pedal. “Wrong pedal, wrong petal, wrong petal, foot! Move! Please!” I begin saying to my foot. But still, no response. I think to myself, 200 yards, the car is coming quicker since I have my foot on the gas pedal. My foot moves, onto the brake. “Yes! Yes! Finally.” 100 yards. “It is too late, I can’t move into the other la-.” Everything begins to appear in slow motion. The glass shattering, the car impact, everything. My entire body is thrown forward, but yet something holds me back, my seatbelt. The airbag shoots out, the glass shards being thrusted into my face. “The car it’s-” I am cut off in my thoughts. I hear more glass shattering. One loud break, and then another. “What the-” I try to turn my head. A sheering pain

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