Persuasive Essay On Abortion

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Abortion is persistently called on for being a crime and should become illegal. Abortion is considered wrong during late term pregnancy although, the woman's life is being threatened the more she progresses towards the time she is due. Women who are in a life threatening position during their pregnancy should have the right towards abortion. Due to the women being inefficient towards continuing further on in their pregnancy. Also, the women should be allowed the right to abort because it is still their own body and at the end of the day it should still come down to their decision. Another important reason that abortion should be legal is that some women were not even allowed the choice to conceive due to being abused and raped.

Women go through a variety of changes during pregnancy and problems that occur and that they did not know even existed until a checkup at the hospital. At this point, where the pregnancy has barely occurred, the issue has yet to show life threatening difficulties. By this it can show that the issue that will soon cause the woman's life to be endangered would likely to occur during late term. This would then lead to the women having to decide if she would want to abort or continue further on into labor and birth of the baby. This will begin to bring a lot emotion towards the women due to having to readjust her mindset about the baby. Although the women knew that the pregnancy was risky they still continued to proceed due to the hope that the issue

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