Persuasive Essay On Abortion

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Mother Teresa once said, “For me, life is the most beautiful gift of God to mankind, therefore people and nations who destroy life by abortion and euthanasia are the poorest. I do not say legal or illegal, but I think that no human hand should be raised to kill life, since life is God’s life in us, even in an unborn child.” Do you know what abortion really is? Abortion is the ending of pregnancy by removing a fetus or embryo before it can survive outside the uterus. Abortion seems to be more common in today’s society. Numerous amounts of individuals support abortion, and do not realize how it affects themselves and others. Those who do not support this poor decision may choose to let it interfere with their relationship with others. The …show more content…

Putting forth effort to conceive a child means that whether they are healthy or have some type of deformity or disease, you will love them unconditionally, and not worry about the difficulties they may have down the road. A child does not deserve to die from the crimes of his or her father’s. One can not kill a five-year-old because his or her father is a rapist nor should a five-month-old be killed for the same reason. No child deserves to die because his or her mother and/or father chooses irresponsibility. A child is completely faultless to their actions. They do not get to decide whether or not their parents conceive nor do they get to decide if they use any type of contraception. All innocent, unborn children should not die. Time does not erase murder or ease the reality of what it really means. Having an abortion results in a cruel tragedy. This decision should never be considered. The future of an unborn child includes an abundance of experiences, projects, and activities. Every individual born or unborn has an extremely valuable future full of many opportunities. When killing these unborn children, there is a valuable life being destroyed. These children will never get the chance to become part of today’s society nor will they be able to make an impact in future state. When an abundance of women abort their children a toll on population occurs around the world. Some would even say

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