Pro Life, Does Not Mean `` Anti Abortion

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“Pro-Life” does not mean “Anti-Abortion”
It is 2016 and with the anniversary of “Roe v. Wade” past us, the citizens of this free country continue to oppose on the issue of whether abortion should be legal in the United States. Because many people argue that termination of pregnancy is murder, they believe that it is just to penalize those who support pro-choice law, however it is unjust to prevent a woman from making her own decisions when it comes to her body. Most of these arguments are advocated because of philosophical beliefs, and, or those with extremist views. Abortion, like homosexuality is not accepted in many religions; both are often times associated with sin, therefore these conservatives do not agree. Oppositions by extremists are heard of throughout society because of their lack of compassion and education. Both women and men must take into consideration aside from their passionate emotions and morals, that “Pro-Choice” does not mean “Anti-Life”
There is a concern among many, that it is not the woman’s decision to terminate the life of their unborn child. Fetuses are advocated for because decision making is out of their control. One of the main arguments is that the unborn child will not have the opportunity to live the life it deserves and because of that, women that go through the process of abortion will regret their decision. This is understandable, because it is a difficult option to pursue, not health-wise, but emotionally a devastation for some. Along

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