Persuasive Essay On Abortion

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Let Life Live Imaging a world of grey and darkness is the same as imaging a world without children. When a parent(s) choose to abort a child, they often are choosing to miss out on the many experiences and opportunities that could of had. Abortion should be illegal in the world. With abortion there comes many consequences, whether it’s the dangers it bares or the effects it could have on someone else’s life. There are many negative consequences that can come with abortion. An abortion can cause “maternal morbidity, caused by abortion complications such as perforated uteruses or infection of the reproductive tract, forces women to seek emergency medical attention at public health facilities” (Rayes, 2). A possible danger is someone can lose their sanity or could cause complications with pregnancies later on in life. Not only can you lose your sanity, “for example, currently five U.S. states require doctors to warn women of the link between abortion and breast cancer, and eight states require doctors to warn women about the possible psychological problems that abortions can cause” (Rossi, 34). There are many serious possible side effects that an abortion can cause not just medically, but also mentally. When it comes down to it, having an abortion can not only cause mental pain, but as well as medical and physical and that is something that can stay with a patient forever. Many will argue that abortion is not the killing of an actual person, meaning that the child has no

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