Should Females Be The Abortion?

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Should Females be aloud to have an Abortion?
Millions are not alive today, because they were never given the chance to be born. Did you know four out of ten pregnancies end in abortion? In the United States, abortion one of the most controversial and most debated topics. According to the Guttmacher Institute, 22 percent of all pregnancies, excluding miscarriages, end in abortion. Abortion is when a woman chooses or is forced to terminate the fetus inside her body. Do you think that a fetus has the right to be in the body of a woman against her will? Or does a woman have the choice to abort the fetus because it 's her body? The answer is often determined by an individual 's personal beliefs about religion, ethics, personal freedom, and …show more content…

After the Supreme Court heard the testimony of this case, the justices voted for Roe. That second time this issue went to court, the Supreme Court declared the constitutional rights to have an abortion. But to this day, people have different opinions, some states are pro and some are against abortion.
Killing a fetus is the same as murdering a stranger on the street. Central to the morality debate is the issue of when life begins. However, our science is technologically advanced and proves that abortion is murder. According to (""),”Unborn human beings are living, separate, and unique, from the moment of fertilization – better known as conception – a new human life is in existence.” You are not aborting your problems, you’re aborting a life. Once, again abortion can be considered either a simple medical procedure or the murder of an innocent life.
Females need to understand the consequences of having unprotected sex. You should think about it before you had sex. Some females think that aborting a child is the last solution to their problems. Today, we have adoption programs and foster services. There are females in the world that can’t have kids, including my aunt. She had nine miscarriages and still hopes and prays to have kids. According to ("daily mail"), “women unable to have children, even after fertility treatment is nearly

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