Persuasive Essay On Animal Abuse

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Have you ever wondered what Animal Abuse or Animal Cruelty is? Both of these are when someone is not giving their animal anything to eat or drink and they hurt the animal in every possible way. Animal Abuse is a very serious problem and should be stop. If you want to help than here are something you should do, Don’t touch the person or animal when you see this happening because they both can put you in harm’s way, You should go get an adult like someone you trust and go find help together, If you ever witness animal abuse get someone to call 911. There are many things that can happen from someone abusing animals. Some might become serial killer or pedophile that might be right next door. Many people think that if a child does animal abuse than they will act in a physical manner of violence to others. This one sociologist Suzanne Goodney Lea agrees that “if a child is involved in animal abuse they are more likely to commit physical crimes when they become adults than a child who did not participate in doing animal abuse when they were young.” This is talking about if the child abused animals when they were young then they will abuse their girlfriends or wife when they get older. A woman named Janie who is a pharmacist did some studies “that have shown rapist and pedophiles engaged in animal abuse when they are young.” There are many facts that prove to us that when some people partake in sexual violence you would see that they have also been involved in animal

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