Persuasive Essay On Animal Control

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For years we have been making laws to run our society! For centuries, society has seen history repeat itself in such a devastating manner, and for many more years to come, humanity will see their potential underutilized. The Behavior towards this slow advancement has got to stop! We spend over $154 or more on the agricultural business, and $132 billion on drunk driving. A nations destructive behavior can be its true enemy. The continuation not only affects the people but will ruin the planet as a whole, we must adopt another in its place.
Looking at the controversial behavioral traits the United States has adopted over the years. An inside perspective of where the nation spends most of its time, money, and who gets paid the most is the first place we gander.
Profits are on the rise, and wellness is in decline! Within an over populated nation, the united states have spent on average, annually, more towards drunk driving than the agricultural industry. The United States has added an enormous 3.1 million people to its population in recent years, but the behavior remains the same. Why is that? To feed the mouths of many, most have to suffer!
By diminishing FDA laws, farmers now can inhumanely raise animals with maximum profits in mind. Not to mention an unethical death for the animals ultimately providing the very foods in which we eat. To feed an overpopulated nation with an adopted diet of high unsaturated fats and animal based proteins, something had to suffer. In this

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