Persuasive Essay On Animal Dissection

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Most people have dissected an animal at some point in their education, be it a frog, pig, cat, or another animal. Every year in the United States, roughly ten million animals are killed and used for dissection in schools (“Animals Used in Education” 1).The surplus of students dissecting animals in class has led to this substantial number. Dissection is said to increase student understanding of biology and an interest in careers in science (Edulab 1), which is why countless schools have their students dissect animals. However, others advocate for methods that don’t involve cruelty to animals. Why use a learning technique if other methods are less expensive, and some tactics equally or more effective regarding student learning? Essentially, an abundance of schools incorporate animal dissection as an educational tool, but they seldom think of how negatively the lives of countless animals are impacted. People don’t fathom the cruelty that happens to animals before they land on the dissection table, and that is something that needs to be changed. The dissection of animals for education has been a traditionally used teaching tactic for decades, and it is cruel and should no longer be used. To start, the suppliers of the animals to be dissected have been caught mistreating their animals. “PETA’s investigations into biological supply companies, which sell animal bodies and parts, have uncovered acts of cruelty to animals, including the drowning of rabbits and the embalming of cats

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