The Clay Learning System-Maniken in My Anatomy and Phisiology Class

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Every student would use the equipment and materials regardless if they were special education or gifted. My Anatomy and Physiology classes have every academic level represented, and all of these students will have access to the equipment and activities. I could also use the Clay Learning System/Maniken in my AP Biology course when it comes to the Animal System Unit.
Additionally, I have a large number of students each year who plans to pursue careers in the medical field after high school. And, I believe these resources will afford them a tremendous opportunity in preparing of those goals.
Clay modeling is an appropriate alternative to animal dissection for my students as it employs cooperative learning opportunities and a kinesthetic approach that is essential for their learning. The Anatomy in Clay has the potential to be used for almost every body system covered in Human Anatomy and Physiology. x The human Maniken clay-sculpting experience may be more effective than an animal dissection because the human-clay sculpting experience will engage the students more actively and is more relevant to the human body.
In my human anatomy teaching laboratories, the animal dissection experience generally emphasizes the isolation and identification of anatomical structures. This approach contrasts with that I hope the students will do with human-clay sculpting. By creating the…

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