Persuasive Essay On Anti Marijuana

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The American population would feel safe with such actions being taken, feeling that the government was acting in behalf of their best interests, with the best knowledge that they had in mind. The government has not ceased their actions, and have continued on this train of thought and action, with harsh anti-marijuana laws still in existence, and even harsher penalties for those who are caught using it. Logically, then, the expectation would be that the government continues to act in this manner because the demanders haven't changed their tune either. Based on the actions of the government, the people are still in support of strict anti-marijuana laws and even stricter penalties for using it, just as they were having been swayed by the rhetoric of President Nixon and the Presidents that came after him. This, however, is not the case, and is the reason there is a disjoint between what the expected interplay between demanders and suppliers is, and what actually exists. Over the past few decades, more scientific research into marijuana and its effects has revealed that the drug isn't deadly as President Nixon initially made it seem. The drug doesn't cause death by overdose, or any long-term significant damage. In fact, among young users, it is a common running joke that the only side effect of marijuana usage is increased hunger and cravings. However, with the advancements in scientific knowledge and reasoning that have been provided by the scientific community, the

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