Persuasive Essay On Band Uniforms

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In every marching band whether it is military, core or millicore, the uniform takes an important role in each and every performance. Apart from music or marching fundamentals, it plays an important role by making each and every band member look alike to create a full effect of a halftime show or competition. This is the process that all one-hundred or more band students go through to not only take care of the band uniforms, but learn responsibility at a young age.
First, start with the materials needed such as, long black socks, band shoes, gloves, band t-shirt and the uniform itself. It is very important to be sure that every part of the uniform is in order before any activity can take place. Failure to have all of the necessary equipment may lead a member into having a one way ticket to the third quarter club. The name may fool but third quarter club is real torture for band student. Once all of the pieces are in order it is time to start learning the proper ways of putting on and taking care of a band uniform.
To begin the process of being in uniform start with putting on long black socks, a Tatum eagle band shirt and any athletic bottoms such as shorts or leggings depending on the weather. It is always important to dress for the appropriate weather so it is easier to focus on the hard work ahead instead of worrying about being too hot or cold. Once, dressed in the appropriate underwear, move on to making sure that all accessories are removed such as earrings,

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