Persuasive Essay On Berwyn

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Most Students in Berwyn take their education very seriously. Of most of kids that I know, they really care about their education. Even if they act like they don't, deep down they really do. Some students stay up hours at night to finish work, and do the best they could to get good grades. All though there are some students that I know that don’t care at all, most do. I know many students strive to be the best that they can and try to achieve their greatest. Whether it is a test, quiz, or something as simple as homework, they try their absolute best to get a good grade. One way I know this is because students stress out before any test or quiz. This shows that they are actually worried that they will do bad and that it will affect their grade negatively. They study hard before tests and are very relieved when they get a good grade, or very angry if they did not get a good grade. This shows that they take their education seriously because, the way they react to a test with a bad grade shows that they care about it, and that they are angry that they did not do better. Emotions and feelings can show a lot about a person, especially if they care or not about a test. If they do care and they take it seriously you can notice it. You will see them constantly studying and asking the teacher for help so that they could achieve their best, and this is…show more content…
I see students who, worry and stress about tests, study hard to do good on their work, and ask questions if they don’t understand something. It proves that students do whatever they can to improve their grades and their education. If some students feel like the education they get is not enough, they go forward and ask for extra help. This shows to me that their education is something that they take seriously, and is something that they strive to improve. Students in Berwyn certainly do take their educations very
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