Persuasive Essay On Binge Drinking

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According to the 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about 7.3 million Americans between the age of 12-20 report current alcohol consumption. (Underage) Although, many people think that after young adults graduate high school and move onto college that, is the first time they are introduced to alcohol. Most people are introduced to it while they are still in high school or at home during a young age. Many college students begin heavier-drinking or binge drinking, as a habit in college because alcohol is a way to overcome new social issues, ways to cope with homesickness, and habits that were brought upon from home. Binge drinking can happen anywhere in the world, but the place that it happens most at is on college campuses. Binge drinking is consuming an excessive amount of alcohol in a short amount of time. (Dictionary) It has become such a problem on college campuses because many college students drink to overcome issues brought upon by college. They choose hard liquor over beer, for many their goal is to black out. (Gonchar) Binge drinking is a serious matter many people don’t take it seriously until something serious happens to themselves.
In the past few years binge drinking on many college campuses has significantly increased. One of the colleges that has seen the biggest increase of alcohol related arrests was Finger Lakes Community College in New York. In 2013 there was eight alcohol related arrests, but by 2014 there was eighty-seven alcohol related

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