Persuasive Essay On Bottling Water

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We all drink water, and every organism that is carbon based, needs of this universal element to survive, but in the modern world of today, and within the society we live in, technology has made it possible to not solely depend on nature’s natural way of recycling water, to drink and use it again, but to also purify it ourselves, thus, meeting the demands of the people’s everyday needs for clean drinking water, but today and more than anything, there is a social controversy for the distribution of water, and in the stance of the essay, we will go in depth and reason, to bottling water. Bottling water, well, let’s start with a bit on the aggressive side, for starters, sure it uses petroleum to make its plastics, thus using natural resources, and later contributing to the enormous amounts of landfill across the world every year, but we should remind ourselves that, nothing that is worth doing is ever easy, and as a matter of fact, companies are already looking for alternative plastic research such as biodegradable plastic, and reducing the amount of plastic used per bottle. But then, we see according to Reader’s Digest, that bottling water is: “ overpriced, glorified tap water ...” , but the truth is that even though some companies admit using tap water for a source, it doesn’t apply to all companies and as a matter of fact as well,

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