Persuasive Essay On Breast Cancer

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Imagine heading to the doctor’s office for a checkup, knowing that the flu is going around. You ask the doctor what can be done about it, and he or she gives you two options: wait it out and see if you catch the flu, or act early and stop it before it becomes a problem. It seems like most people would choose the latter option. Most people would take it very seriously and treat the problem as early as possible. So, if someone would do this for the flu, why wouldn’t they do it for breast cancer? Most people would want to be informed and seek treatment as early as possible in order to maintain their health. In the medical world, one of the most unsettling phrases to hear is “breast cancer,” and statistics support this. When it comes to breast cancer, the reason it can be so scary is because it is one of the most common forms of cancer and the most diagnosed cancer among females (CDC, 2017). Since breast cancer is such a common form of cancer, women often worry about the risks and chances that they may have it. This has resulted in many specialists constantly trying to find better ways to treat it and bring awareness to how dangerous it can be. This is done using a variety of media platforms that have proven to be effective sources of information (Backman et al., 2011). With the help of these sources, treatment can begin sooner and be better understood, even though it can hold several risks. The key to treating breast cancer efficiently is to take it seriously and to know what

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