Persuasive Essay On Child Trafficking

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To traffick individuals is a severe offense. This crime violates the rights of humans. Often men, women and children plunge into the hands of traffickers. Human trafficking is a norm for all countries around the world. The United States is also on the map for human trafficking. Human traffickers serve a diverse category which includes ethnic, racial and social groups. We know that perpetrators are not just men and women. Trafficking young children are on the rise. Trafficker’s objective is to lure children through the internet, social media, telephone, acquaintances that have been victims of trafficking, popular hangouts, and in the school system where children are convinced that they are safe and protected. Traffickers often prey on young individuals by assuring that they will receive an abundance of love, money and a superior life. Traffickers are practicing fear techniques to entice young children and teens to engage in several types of sexual act and harsh and unethical work. Traffickers will exploit young people to participate in commercial sexual activities and forced labor. Commercial sexual activities may include exploiting young people through survival sex which includes the exchange of monetary, food, drugs or lodging, prostitution, and by way of sex tourism. “Young people, especially those with risk factors are vulnerable to human trafficking, The Administration for Children and Families at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued new guidance on

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