Argumentative Essay On Sex Trafficking

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If you asked random people on the street they would all probably agree to the statement that
“sex trafficking is bad”. But does the average person really know the extent of the issue? Sex trafficking is a form of modern day slavery that is prominent in the United States and throughout the globe. Traffickers use violence, threats, debt bondage, and threats to coerce adults and children to engage in sexual acts with strangers against their will. The victims who are targeted for sexual exploitation all have a few characteristics in common: poverty, minority status, histories of …show more content…

One is daughters being sold by their parents, either to pay off some debt or just because the parents need money, and that would be a no work way to go. Secondly, girls are abused at home and decide to run away to get out of the stressful life. But when they are out on their own, there’s no way to provide. So, they find “boyfriends” who are actually pimps. The younger that girl is, more money can be charged for her. Despite the enormous amounts of money a girl can make each night. “It is all handed over to their pimps, or else a beating may occur.” (Meyers, Diana.
"Feminism and Sex Trafficking: Rethinking some Aspects of Autonomy and Paternalism.")
Which, if you think about it, is what domestic abuse victims are running away from in the first place. The last common trend I noticed was husbands selling their wives services to others.
Claiming that since they are married he has the right over her decisions. The average night of a sex slavery victims includes being sent to perform for the highest paying customer, and having to listen to whatever he tells her to do. Their prime hours are from ten o’clock at night to five o’clock in the morning. During these eight hours there are no breaks, eating, or sleeping. Even if the pimp had her working in the daytime hours as well. The typical time to report back to their pimp is when

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