Persuasive Essay On Children In Orphans

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At any given time, there are about 132 million orphans who are living in orphanages and foster care systems around the world. These systems have been put in place to protect children from neglect and abuse therefore providing a safe, temporary shelter in times of crisis. Unfortunately, more and more children are being separated from their families, placed in residential care alternatives and developing serious physical, mental and emotional challenges as a result of their traumatic childhood. Though policy makers cannot control the natural disasters, wars, and poverty that inevitable displaces children, we can utilize our resources to reform dated and ineffective policies into crucial legislature.
While many children are removed from the parents due to neglect and abuse, a large proportion still face violence and contempt in the institutions put in place to protect them. Research has shown that children who are abused or neglected are much more likely to abuse their children which only perpetuates the abuse. UNICEF suggests that children who have lost parents and been placed in unstable institutions are much more likely to experiment with dangerous behaviors that result in sexually transmitted diseases, criminal behavior, teen pregnancy, mental health issues, substance abuse, and malnutrition.
Institutionalized children are notoriously lacking developmental support and are therefore less likely to develop coping mechanisms and social skills. Growing up in an institutional

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