Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

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Global Climate change in a phrase that’s very popular in the news media and our political world. For some, this is a just a phrase they hear and move on from, as others live their lives to educate and make known the risks and realities of this scary reality we face. The fate of our planet lies in the hands of those who govern the nations of this world and leaves the people of these nations to fight to save our Earth. This leaves us to wonder what kind of world are we leaving for our children and grandchildren?
As someone who has been living in a comfortable bubble of ignorance on the topic of Global Climate Change and the risks we face because of this, my eyes have been open to a multitude of issues that are directly related and are big parts of this problem. Carbon based fuels are feeding global warming, global climate change is affecting the weather causing extreme hurricanes, droughts/fires that are directly impacting the lives of many Americans. Also, President Trump is opening the oil reserves in our oceans which will have horrible outcomes for our sea life.
It’s baffling why we are continuing to do things that put our planet at great risk knowing what all the risks and realities are that come from these actions. It almost feels as if some politicians do not even care because they know they will not be around long enough to see the outcome of their poor decision making and have absolutely no concern for those of us who will be and will be affected. In an

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