Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

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The arrogance of mankind is not in the belief that their lifestyle can alter the Planet’s climate, nor in the denial that it could; instead it is believing that we can understand and address climate disruption individually. This is an issue that stretches far beyond a single discipline, and affects every living creature on Earth, reinforcing the notion that geologists, oceanographers, or even climate scientists cannot tackle this problem on their own. We need to determine our response to the realization that we are living in a period coined the Anthropocene; a time defined by the very influence of human action on the environment we live in. The key to addressing the predicament we now find ourselves in: one of altered weather and climate, shifting ecosystems, unstable resources and numerous negative health effects, as well as possible mass migrations and copious extinctions; to survive it we must use an interdisciplinary approach. By involving as many sectors as possible, we will greatly increase our understanding of the problems we face, and we will be better equipped to address them and find solutions. Through cooperation and artful communication, together we can confront the looming repercussions of climate change. My personal research goals stem from the desire to better understand how these changes in climate are affecting ecosystems around the world, especially in our oceans: the largest biome on the planet. Food webs and interactions between organisms are often so

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