Persuasive Essay On Criminal Crimes

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majority of the main criminals are still on the loose and in many instances when they are being questioned and asked why they did it. There answer is usually based of them saying it was easy and that the government’s security is terrible and can easily be cracked. That's why it happens its low risk high reward.
My first case I want to share is about a man named Jonathan James according to the New York Times Jonathan was only a minor when he began hacking into major government agencies. Such as the United States defense department and National Aeronautics and space administration aka N.A.S.A. he illegally downloaded and stole data, which caused N.A.S.A computers to shut down for three weeks causing the agency to lose money. In his defense Jonathan said he did not do anything destructive and that his actions were based solely on curiosity. However it caused NASA 41,000 $ to fix and diagnose there software and information. Jonathan was sentenced only six months under house arrest due to the fact he was a juvenile at the time the crimes were committed. He also had to wright an apology note to NASA and the other government agencies he breached he was banned from using computers for a certain amount of time during specific circumstances as well. When he was released he was constantly questioned and accused of being involved in other various cybercrimes which eventually made him commit suicide in 2008 in which he wrote on his suicide note,
“I have no faith in the 'justice'

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