Informative Essay On Drunk Driving

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As I began looking at different statistics, the one above stuck out to me.
“Percentage of fatal car–pedestrian collisions in which the driver is found to be drunk : 15
In which the pedestrian is : 34”
Even though I have not been affected by this, or know of anyone, I felt that learning more about this and raising awareness could save others from pain in the future. Drunk driving is very prevalent in today’s society and there is a lot of awareness put on it. But, when seeing that the number of drunk pedestrians that cause fatal accidents are far more than the number of drunk drivers was interesting. Since most people did not know of this, I wanted to create an infographic with the purpose of raising awareness for not only drunk driving, but drunk walking as well. The audience is for anyone because drunk driving/walking can affect anyone at any time no matter what. It does not have a typical age range because young children that are passengers could be in danger while someone is drunk driving/walking on the road, and it goes up to the adult that is driving the car. The ethical view of the infographic is to make the roads safer for all individuals that use it, be they a driver or pedestrian. Also, I originally planned to post my infographic to Twitter, but realized that most people that follow my account do not wish to read all of the information when they are just scrolling. Even though it would raise more awareness on there, I ultimately decided to post it on my Instagram to

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