Persuasive Essay On Euthanasia

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The main objective of introducing the law of Euthanasia to Victoria is to end the suffering for patients who are painfully dying from an incurable disease. It’s absolutely absurd people who are opposing to this matter because everyone has the right to ask for help at the end of life if medical science can no longer support and you most definitely have a right not to be tortured. The painful suffering is not only endured by the patient, the agonising suffering is also hard for family and friends to watch.

Those who object to legalising Euthanasia argue that it’s irreversible and once the patient is gone, families, friends and doctors will never know if the the cure was just around the corner. What if they could’ve recovered and gone to live a happy life? Although, optimism is good to have this argument is overshadowed with a pretty hard fact that in 1991, a report in Netherlands came to a conclusion that in 86 percent of cases, Euthanasia shortened life by a maximum week and usually only a few hours. Now, miracles do happen and it’s not impossible, but the reason you hear about miracle recoveries is because they’re statistically very unlikely.

Many people have many different fears but death is the fear we all dread the most and a large part of of that fear comes from the uncertainty and worry that it might occur through agonising pain. Now, tell me if we knew exactly when we were going to die and knew for a fact it’d be painless, it’s a fair bet that the the state of mind

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