Persuasive Essay On Euthanasia

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In 1984, the Dutch Supreme Court announced euthanasia or mercy killing to be legal. Because the people in this country don’t want their loved ones to have prolonged suffering either physical or mental, so why not use euthanasia? In the early 20th century, euthanasia was used for the first in English and American. During the World War II the Nazis had used this process to kill people who were children, old people, or they do not strong enough to survive. In today’s society, if you talking with ten people about euthanasia, then you will hear lots of different opinions. The euthanasia issue has been discussed for many years, and it still has not been concluded. This paper is going to show you both sides of euthanasia. In my opinion, I think euthanasia is a good way for those people who are in the final stage because they can keep someone’s life, finish their suffering and extremely use their entitlement.
Euthanasia helps to save other patients who could recover. For example, organ donation euthanasia is a dignified way for the people who want to donate organs when their life is going to stop. We can see that there are many poor patients who waiting for an organ such as lung, heart, and liver to continue their life. For my experience, my uncle needs to transplant his lung because of his pulmonary disease, and fortunately, he received a lung timely. This is a good chance of dying patients to save other life. According to Wilkinson and Savulescu, “Donating your organs

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