Persuasive Essay On Foreclosures

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Home ownership at the age of twenty-two was lessons of life that I greatly appreciated. Even though my mother communicated her concerns about the house, I proceeded to purchase without regards to her emotions. Consequently, I abandoned my home and added to the epidemic that afflicts my county. Additionally, owners of these unsightly structures never had the intentions of foreclosure, but inevitable circumstances confronted the decision to either, leave or stay. Unfortunately, Cuyahoga County's resolution to the abandoned property epidemic resumes but the residents also face unwanted crimes; therefore, Cuyahoga County collaboration with banks initiating a housing program while establishing profitable returns, and demolishing distressed properties would definitely, increase the county's value and decrease the abandon property epidemic.
On every corner and street, the current scene while driving consists of distasteful scattered homes between mediocrity and the most extravagant homes throughout neighborhoods of Cuyahoga County. Meanwhile, storefronts of past business owners who once thrived with clientele also neglected the properties that they owned due to crime and drugs in the communities. The unwanted squatting, prostituting, and overall, police discovering dead bodies of unsolved murders in these unoccupied properties, therefore, are persistent concerns involving these problems of forgotten property foreclosures. Moreover, when financial circumstances change for the

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