Persuasive Essay On Fracking

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For the past six weeks, I have been doing research about fracking and it’s effects on the community and nature. I have spent hours researching and doing experiments to come to a conclusion. I would like to share my findings with you to make sure this county is informed about the process, as I know they might not necessarily be. I believe that Fracking should not continue in Ohio. Although it brings jobs to the country, and bring us domestic fuel, it is becoming a health hazard to bio life, which is very important.
Fracking (formal name hydraulic fracturing), is the process of which million of gallons of water are pumped a mile underground to get methane out of pockets in the shale. Fracking fluid is a mixture of chemicals and water pumped underground through supposedly safe wells. The oil companies actually doing the fracking say that the wells are completely safe. However, only 50% of the fracking fluid is brought out of the wells. The rest of it is left underground and never retrieved. This can contaminate the ground we farm on an the water we drink.. Fracking affects everyone around the wells, though it may be indirectly. It can affect someone by giving them millions of dollars for land or contaminating their drinking water. Some environmentalists believe that this can contaminate water in the aquifer, a mile above the shale.
The composition of fracking fluid has not been released to the public. No one knows what is in the fluid, but people have predicted. It is thought

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