Persuasive Essay On Global Warming

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What scientists predicted in the past is now occurring. Droughts, heat waves, change in precipitation, sea-level rises, ice melting, and currently most alarming; hurricanes. So why don’t we seem to care? We’re stuck between an on-going dispute between the effects that we cause on global climate and the policies that should be implemented to avoid these undesirable effects.

We are facing the consequences of global warming mainly in result of our burning of fossil fuels and releasing heat-trapping gases into our air. Ninety-Seven percent of climate scientists have agreed that the climate trends that have occurred over the past century are likely due to human activities. We have created what is called “the greenhouse effect”; a warming that occurs when the atmosphere traps heat that is radiating from Earth toward space. Sunlight passes through our atmosphere and warms Earth’s surface, this heat is supposed to radiate out into space, but most of the outgoing heat is instead absorbed by certain greenhouse gas molecules that block the heat from escaping, instead emitting into all directions, warming instead the surface of Earth and the lower atmosphere.

Over the last century the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased, this is due once again to our burning of fossil fuels such as oil and coal. Carbon dioxide warms the plant and we’ve increased the amount in the air to nearly half since the 1960’s. The more carbon emissions we cause the warmer Earth

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