Persuasive Essay On Going Outside

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Now, in modern times kids nowadays stay inside the house and eating when your grandparents were young they would go outside and play. We kids these days are distracted by electronics which your grandparents did not have to worry about because they did not have any. Going outside will help you with your health exercise and obesity if you are fat. first what happens to your body and mind when you stay in the house to long.
If you stay in a house to long and dont have human interaction you could be at risk in becoming a introvert. According to time. com” staying inside walls cause anxiety and insomnia. Once you go outside according to time. com”the sun is supposed to calibrate your circadin or clock.”That is, not the only side effect your mood will most likely be stressed, angry, annoyed, and depressed. If you would like the most of going outside then the highly recommended are the forest and parks. Once surrounded by nature it is proven to improve health and mood. The outdoors stimulate your focus. The outdoors have much to offer like scenic views and a place of peace and comfort. Furthermore, some ways that you can do activities while being outside around the outdoor world.
First doing activities with your family is a whole lot easier than doing things by yourself. A family activity can be like having a family picnic or go to an amusement park. One place a family can have a lot at fun at is a mini golf course. According to huffington post”ideally kids should be playing

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