Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Fifty eight people dead: the mass shooting in Las Vegas several weeks ago was the deadliest to ever occur in the history of the United states, and has once again sparked heated debates about gun control. It is an issue in which there is no perfect solution that will both retain an American’s right to bear arms while simultaneously eradicating possibility of mass shootings. Liberal media portrays guns as objects that only exist for the sake of appeasing conservatives, and conservative media portrays guns as an object that represents their freedom. However, both sides fail to address an issue that is incredibly prominent in America, yet is stigmatized and is never focused on as the main issue: mental health.

Put simply, the mental health system in America is a disaster, and unfortunately, it is not that the issue is not being acknowledged or addressed; the root of the disaster is in that so few people are aware of how ineffective the system is. But regardless of the current condition of the system as a whole, it is important that the system in respect to regulation of firearms is improved.

What is ironic about the debate of gun control is that there is only one way that will completely ensure that mass shootings will not happen, and that is to completely ban firearms; there are no steps to preventing mass shootings, because there is no way to completely prevent them with the existence of guns. However, a complete ban of guns would contradict the constitution, and would

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