Why We Need Stricter Gun Control Laws

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How much gun violence is there in the United States of America? There were 8,583 homicides by firearms in 2011, out of 12,664 homicides total, according to the FBI. This means that more than two-thirds of homicides involve a firearm. 6,220 of those homicides by firearm (72%) are known to have involved a handgun (Stray). The country is divided about the topic of gun control, and the reasons to have and not to have guns. I believe that guns should have stricter laws. In the United States of America, people interpret the 2nd Amendment with various opinions. Some Americans say it that taking away guns is taking away the citizens 2nd Amendment rights. Rather the Second Amendment was a reflection by politicians two hundred years ago of what would be appropriate for America in the society of that time. And that society was fundamentally different.. (Corcoran). The major difference from the society back then and now is that the gun technology has progressed extremely. Firearms are no longer one bullet machines but instead, fast, automatic machines. Now, guns are more capable of doing harm and starting mass shootings. Even though automatic guns are very hard to get into one’s hands because of the restrictions on buying, selling, and owning, it is still technically legal. Therefore, the wrong person can get their hands on the automatic gun and reign chaos. In a gun, there is a magazine that has the ability of holding more bullets. High capacity magazines should be banned to have a
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