Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Death can be looking at you during all times and all it takes is the pull of a trigger. The U.S is the number one gun producer in the world, but why do we have high gun incidents? According to the UNODC, 29.7 million people have been victims of gun-related incidents just alone in the United States (Lopez np). That statistic is from 2012, imagine how the number has risen up to today. The United States is no stranger when it comes to gun violence and gun homicides, as a leader in arms trade you can suspect that there is already a problem with so many people obtaining these weapons. In Addition, The laws that say they protect us from danger, put us in danger stemming from lack of regulations in gun safety and lack of experience, which is a key concern; the selling of these easily obtainable weapons connects the fact of how easily obtainable it is to purchase a firearm, let alone how many guns are in circulation in which these things have no expiration date and are massed produced. This can all be avoided with the action of putting stricter laws on firearms across the United States. Being a haven for firearms, the U.S. is estimated to have 88.8 weapons to 100 U.S. Citizens (ProCon np). The essence of this fact is that the more guns there is, the more deaths can be predicted. Additionally, these guns can be modded and become even more dangerous with the creativity of how lethal someone wants their weapons, causing more devastation raising the level of how many people can be

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