Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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. Understand that it’s not always about why the gun was pulled, but how it was used after it was pulled. Having a gun strapped to their side makes it easier to access, but that is a problem because if they are angered who is to say that the gun won’t be the first thing they resort to. Gun owners are not of one race, religion or cultural background therefore, not one person can say who should have gun rights and where there should be gun control. Gun control should be a world-wide issue looked at from different perspectives. Who is to say what race or religion should own a gun and what race or religion shouldn’t have gun rights because even the people that have clear backgrounds checks and no prior issues with the laws, but with a flip of a switch something can trigger rage within them and they can go out and harm innocent people. We will never understand why this happens or what sets them off. Mental illness is most likely a start of why people lose control, but mental illness is easy to hide while purchasing a gun. There is no screening for mental illness prior to allowing a person to purchase a gun. There is however a background check, but most of those are to make sure that the person doesn’t have any prior issues with the law that would stop them from being able to purchase a gun. Gun control would be a hard thing to establish today because many people sell guns not just stores. There are people on Facebook that sell guns and they are in fact not considering anyone to

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