Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Gun violence has always been an aspect of American society; however, in recent years the epidemic that is gun violence has escalated considerably. Shootings have become increasingly commonplace, and mass shootings have frequently made the headlines. Sandy Hook was one of these shootings, and it ended with twenty children and seven adults dead. A few years later in Orlando there was another mass shooting that was even worse. Forty-nine innocent people were killed and an additional fifty-eight were injured. A year after that the United States had the worst mass shooting in its history: Las Vegas. Las Vegas had fifty-eight innocent deaths and around five hundred injuries. If action against gun violence isn’t taken soon, the United States may once again face “the worst mass shooting in its history”. In order to curb the rate of gun violence in the United States, a regulatory system on guns and their owners must be put into place, and this system will need to be organized and enforceable in order to be effective. The first aspect of this proposed system is the regulation of the purchasing and selling of guns and ammunition. First of all, the regulation of firearms will involve a limit on the number of guns an individual can own. The regulation of firearms will also include limits on what types of guns an individual can buy. Most American citizens will be limited to owning a single weapon, and the weapon they own can be either a handgun or shotgun (weapons with a smaller ammo

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