Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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In 1789, the Founding Fathers wrote the Bill of Rights and passed the second amendment. The amendment gave Americans their right to bear arms, no matter the circumstances. In 1789, the people of America lived on the frontier, where it was necessary to have a gun to fend off wildlife, hunt to collect food, and to fend off enemies that could invade their homes. In 2017, the technology has advanced to where the amount of rounds shot from a gun per minute went from 3 rounds in 1798 to 700 now. In present day, most American’s don’t live on the frontier, and don’t need to shot their food. Instead are shooting each other. As a young person living in America, I am concerned that all the gun violence that is going on now, is going to cause the younger people of America to be afraid to walk the streets at night.

People say that it is the person behind the gun that kills, and that may be true, but could we give them less technology to carry out their monstrous plan?

I believe that you, the United States government, should pass a law regulating and restricting the amount of guns a person can own, what accessories you can be added to a gun, what kind of gun people can own, and who can own a gun.

According to CBS News,a study done by the American Journal of Medicine revealed, Americans are 10 times likely to be killed by a gun than in any other developed country. “The total number of gun deaths per year is about 31,000. This includes roughly 11,400 murders, 19,000 suicides and 600

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